File View

File View is a must-have utility for all Windows power users, programmers and most casual users. It lets you browse file contents as text, either ASCII (as in listings or .INI files), hexadecimal dump for binary files or raw text with no respect for line ends and other control characters to easily identify printable data in binary files. Many aspects of formatting and display are configurable to suit any needs. Among other features are:

  • View and print files as text, hexadecimal dump or raw stream of bytes.
  • Display ANSI (Windows), ASCII (DOS, Unix) or EBCDIC (IBM mainframe) character sets.
  • Unlimited file size (64-bit file pointers).
  • Text and binary search.
  • Extensive online help.
  • Highly customizable, network options for large sites.
  • Tight Windows integration: drag and drop, DDE, Windows Explorer context menu…
  • Very affordable license fees, flexible site licensing options available.


Try File View today, download the latest version.

Windows 10 Support Statement

File View is supported by Maze Computer Communications, Inc. on all editions of Windows 10 on the following servicing branches: Current Branch, Current Branch for Business and Long-Term Servicing branch.

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