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Windows SDK Tools

Certain aspects of building shared side-by-side assemblies are not documented in detail. Instead Microsoft refers to their utilities that perform these actions. The catch is that even though these utilities can be downloaded for free from the Microsoft SDK download page, we are not allowed to distribute them with our product.

Manifest Maker will try to look for the necessary SDK utilities using the current path and the local computer's installation database; it will not search your hard disk for these files. If you have Microsoft Windows Platform SDK or Visual Studio installed, you already have these utilities on your machine.

To build CLR manifests for COM/.Net interop you additionally need TLBExp.exe utility normally distributed with Microsoft .NET Framework SDK - free download from Microsoft.

If Manifest Maker reports that it cannot run one or more of the SDK utilities, please confirm that they are present on your machine then use the Build Options - Paths dialog to verify and change these paths as necessary.

SDK Utilities Required for building shared assemblies:

NameExample path
PKTExtractC:\Program Files\MSSDK\bin\pktextract.exe
MTC:\Program Files\MSSDK\bin\winnt\mt.exe
SignCodeC:\Program Files\MSSDK\bin\SignCode.Exe

SDK Utilities Required for building CLR manifests:

NameExample path
TBLExpC:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\SDK\v2.0\Bin\TlbExp.exe