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New Licensing Model

Side-by-Side Manifest Maker is now licensed per user. Prior licenses remain valid and do not need any changes. All new purchases are subject to the new model.

You need a license for every user making manifests. You do not need a license for end-users who run programs configured with manifests. For example if you have 10 developers building manifests you need 10 licenses regardless of how many end-users use your product. Similarly, if you have a 50-people packaging group that is building software packages for your entire enterprise, you need 50 licenses regardless of how many thousands of end-users are running the packaged programs. Special rules apply if making manifests is a part of a service you provide to other companies - please contact us for details.

Build Servers: Each license can be used by one user making manifests and by one automated build server. So if you have 10 developers and 10 licenses you can also use Manifest Maker on 10 build servers. If you have more build servers than developers, you need to have as many licenses as build servers.

Individual, single-user license costs $100 (one hundred US dollars). Multi-user packages offer significant discounts. Please contact us at if you your needs are not served by any of the following offers.


  For Comparison Only:
License Price USD Unit Price Discount
1-user $100 $100 0%
10-user $500 $50 50%
50-user $1500 $30 70%
100-user $2000 $20 80%
Enterprise $5000 $10* 90%*

* based on 500 users

User license

License will be emailed to the email address you provide below or to the email address you provide in your PayPal payment. Please make sure you can receive email from ''. The license genaration process takes a few minutes, check you spam folder. If you do not receive your license in an hour contact us by email.

Please read Manifest Maker license before making a purchase.

Try before you buy: evaluate Manifest Maker for free.

License Details

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The following fields are optional. They will be populated from the purchase data if not filled here.

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Contact us at if you have any questions or comments.